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I am very business oriented. I am here to win money. As simple as that. I am not easy to follow but I can guarantee a lot of work/research as I have been doing in the past.After more than six months time posting free it is time to create a very limited group to offer a quality service (Quality over quantity)


Football mostly, tennis very very occasionally.

Stake 2 for high odds usually.
Stake 4 average bet.
Stake 5 very good bets.

Show must go on.

Welcome to my world! Enjoy!

Taylor Clark,

Ive been on internet betting world already 9 years and I know pretty much everything about how every bookie functionate, how every site functionate etc etc etc.

I have made my name thanks to my picks who are based always on exclusive information. From before 3 seasons I put my focus on Africans and Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam etc. Playing only in Asians bookies for 2 seasons I have yield of around 11% 12%. I have information from this countries cooperating with journalists, experts, referees etc. I always can give you valuable information about any games you need becuase I know where to search. I promise you quality here over quantity, so if you look for picks everyday you wont find it here (but if there is good offer and i see values there will be big number of picks, so everything depends from my mind :D )

whatever I wrote here will be too much, if you want to analyse me as a tipster you can see my work here or on my site or on other tipster competitions sites where u can see my name in top ones

I promise you good picks this period from my leagues when all other leagues are at break. So come and get it fellaz

Jeromy is Here,,

My forecasts are limited to the sport of Handball to insure the best possible predictions. Coefficients change (usually down) quickly because bookmakers allocate a small limit because Handball does not have the same demand and popularity as other sports.

Forecasts will be given at various times due to the random appearance of the “line” of the bookmaker, as well as receiving inside information. As you can understand, I rarely give free forecasts. I recommend putting a flat rate bet on each forecast of 1-5% of the bank. If there is no possibility of placing your bet on the line or if the coefficient of the line has changed a lot, then I advise betting on the outcome offered in my forecast. I count among my acquaintances not only handball players, but also judges, former players (veterans), as well as workers of the Handball Federation of Russia.

Peyton Lee,


02. --------------------------- -> TIP:1 -> Full Time-> Rez:

01. Croatia - Armenia -> 0-2 -> Full Time -> Rez 1:1

02.06.2021 SEND SMS BEFORE 19:00 EURO TIME!!!
TIPS IS (1) ODDS:2.00,



Estonia FOR CONFIRMBETS 13018 5.00 EUR
Belgium CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 6486 2.00 EUR
Poland TXT CONFIRMBETS 7968 11.07 PLN
Bulgaria TXT CONFIRMBETS 18433 6.00 BGN
Croatia CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 866866 40.00 KN
Cyprus FOR CONFIRMBETS 7500 4.07 EUR
Czech Republic TAT3 CONFIRMBETS 90309 299.00 CZK
Denmark TXT CONFIRMBETS 1999 100.00 DKK
Finland TXT10 CONFIRMBETS 17162 10.00 EUR
France FOR CONFIRMBETS 84080 4.50 EUR
Germany FOR10 CONFIRMBETS 89000 9.99 EUR
Greece TXT CONFIRMBETS 54345 4.08 EUR
Hungary TXT CONFIRMBETS 0690888425 2.032.00 HUF
Kazakhstan CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 9681 1499.00 KZT
Latvia CHAT CONFIRMBETS 1897 10.00 EUR
Lithuania CHAT CONFIRMBETS 1337 10.00 EUR
Macedonia TAP CONFIRMBETS 148666 177.00 MKD
Montenegro TXT CONFIRMBETS 14884 3.20 EUR
Netherland CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 3555 5.00 EUR
Portugal FOR CONFIRMBETS 68638 4.00 EUR
Romania CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 7472 5.95 EUR
Serbia CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 1310 696.00 RSD
Slovakia CONTACT TO US ON E-MAIL 7774 1.60 EUR
Slovenia TXT10 CONFIRMBETS 3838 10.00 EUR
Spain TXT CONFIRMBETS 35686 7.26 EUR
Sweden TXT CONFIRMBETS 72401 100.00 SEK
Switzerland DAG CONFIRMBETS 565 10.00 CHF

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THIS IS TICKET,Normaly have a people who whant to play only ticket with out single games,,,This tips i not post in SMS becouse is not posible to replace information for you in sms sistem,,Like a speak this site work with normal price to bet all players,,Simbolic price of$ 19.09for one ticket with good drink cafe in a day,,TICKET IS RISK FOR BET,COOMBINATION FOR WIN IS NOT BIGGER EVERY PROFESIONAL PLAYER NOW THAT!!!GOOD LUCK FOR ALL



Ticket #42

  • 42.Ticket Betting 30/04/2021
  • Al-Duhail - Al-Ahly 1
  • Marseille - Strazbourg 1x
  • Celta Vigo - Levante 1x
  • Total odds : 3.04

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Ticket #43

  1. 43.Ticket Betting 01/05/2021
  2. Macedonia - Slovenia 1x
  3. Poland - Russia 1x
  4. Slovakia - Bugaria 2+
  5. Total odds : 3.01

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